Residential Solar

For most homeowners, the utility company seems like the only option for electricity.  They have all the power (and they know it!).  They can increase your rates whenever they choose, and are under no obligation to consult you or ask for your permission.

By going solar with EcoVest, you take control of your electric bill.  Solar gives your household the safety and predictability of knowing exactly what you’re going to pay every month for electricity.  We handle the design, permitting, installation, and maintenance of your system.

As an independent solar consultancy, we’re under no obligation to any one solar company.  Our only obligation is to you, the homeowner.  If we can’t save you money every month by going solar, we won’t take your business.  We have access to all financing options of the leading solar companies in the United States, which allows EcoVest to compare ALL of the options available to you and help determine the best solution for your household.

Take control of your electric bill.  Contact us today to set up your free consultation to discuss how solar is the right choice for your home!

Consultation Notes
Our consultants have the expertise and experience to help find the right
solar solution for your home or business.   Contact us today to set up
your free solar consultation.